Mulberry Street has so many meanings for me personally. There are so many memories, It’s a street that my late Gigi lived on. It’s the street my little little kids walked the parade on and treat-or-treated on. Too many fiber lovers it’s the street they camp out  on waiting for the gates to open to the magical land of the NY Sheep & Wool!


Mulberry street has so much love in my heart and I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I love creating Mulberry street. 

Yarn: You can make this in two sizes small and large

Color A:-1 (2) Spincycle Dyed in the Wool Sport Weight 200 yards color 

Color B: 1 (2) June Cashmere Dk 150 yards 50G color 

Needle: 5us ( 3.75mm) 16” (29”) circular needle 

Notions: stitch marker & darning needle 


With size 5us (3.75mm) 16” (29”) needle and color A cast on 96 (192) stitches join in the round making sure all stitches are even and straight before joining to work in the round. Place stitch marker to mark the begining of each round. 


Knit three 3 rows in color A.


Row 4 -join color B and start Fisherman Rib Pattern starting with row one and continuing rows 1-3 until cowl measures 12in/ 31cm.


  • Row 1 and color A : K1, *p1, k1; rep from * to end.

  • Row 2 and color B: P1, *k1b, p1* rep from * to end.

  • Row 3 and color A: K1, *p1, k1b; rep from * to last two sts, p1, k1.

  • Repeat rows 2 & 3 until you have reached your desired length.


Work in fisherman rib till cowl reaches 12 in/ 31cm and end color B. 

Continue with color with color A and work three rows in knit stitch. 

Cast off using Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off and weave in the ends.

Blocking is very important to make your cashmere Bloom. You can use whatever rinse you would like, I prefer Soak or Eucalan. 

Thank you so much for all your support and I hope you enjoy this as much as I love creating the Mulberry St. 

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